If spectrum is the lifeblood of wireless networks

Apogee software defined antenna platform

is the heartbeat of next generation wireless networks

Apogee™ (pat.)is a system comprised of an antenna featuring an embedded, whisper quiet micro-controller and the Apogee Manager™. Through proprietary firmware the micro-controller enables the autonomous operation of the rich feature set of the antenna and communication with the Apogee Manager™ (pat.) for remote configuration and management.

Superior RF signal propagation combined with remote addressability dramatically improves network performance and economics by significantly reducing infrastructure and labor costs by a ratio of up to 7:1.   The platform continues to deliver economic benefits by reducing technician dispatches to re-optimize in response to changes unique to each wireless venue.

Four antenna types in one device

+ superior performance

= dramatic CAPEX and OPEX savings

Define Antenna Type

Comprised of 40 antennas divided into four 90-degree panels, smart switching and firmware enable you to define Apogee as a directional or an omni-directional antenna without reducing gain. Apogee can be configured as a 90°, 180° or a 270° directional antenna or a 360° omni-directional antenna.

Asymmetrical Gain Improves Subscriber Experience

Apogee's asymmetrical gain mitigates the most common limiting factor impacting the range of an AP - its ability to process weak signals coming from client devices given their severe transmit imitation. When added to the 9db of passive gain, the Apogee™ antenna delivers an unprecedented 24db of receive gain representing approximately a 1,000% improvement.

Active Filters

Equipped with steep active filters that can be enabled/disabled through the Apogee Manager™ Cloud, Apogee™ filters up to 99% of harmful noise which is the most detrimental impediment to wireless operation in license-free bands. Active filtering combined with up to 24dbi of receive gain results in a strong “quiet” RF environment further maximizing MIMO and optimizing S/N.

Embedded Tools for Precision Installations

During installation Apogee will find true north and determine antenna tilt. Recommendations for alignment to true north and eliminating tilt are viewed in the Apogee Manager cloud in real time enabling you to minimize installation labor costs, optimize Apogee’s antenna pattern and maximize Apogee’s performance

Beam Forming

Apogee’s antenna element design and spacing enhance every AP’s MIMO engine.

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