The co-founders and co-CEO’s, Mark Gianinni and Elaine Healy, met in 1999 when Mark was raising money to build and operate a proprietary license-free network to connect remote bank ATMs. Elaine was the private equity investor who led the round and served on the board.

In 2002, with the introduction of 3G /4G they co-founded Accel Networks to leverage cellular to deliver mission-critical fixed wireless service to enterprise. To accomplish its mission, Accel developed the first embedded micro-processor based continuously optimizing antenna system which was patented in 2013. Accel’s installed base was near 6,000 locations when it was acquired by Sierra Wireless, Inc. in June 2015.

In 2016 they co-founded Aura in response to the need for large scale license free networks. Since then, building and operating networks using license free spectrum has become the focus of cellular carriers and cable operators alike as a more cost-efficient alternative to add capacity. Versus providing service, management realized that Aura’s technology could become a critical cornerstone in enabling the emergence of 5G networking so they re-focused the company to provide its technology to the market.

Mark Gianinni

Co-CEO, Co-Founder

Dynamic Leader with 25+ years of progressive telecommunications solutions innovation.  Mark has successfully launched three telecommunications hardware, software and managed service provider companies beginning in 1989 with Strand Communications.  Each company has pushed the boundaries of current infrastructure offerings to provide new efficiencies in CCTV, VSAT, Frame Relay, ATM and RF solutions.

Proven ability to increase revenue and profits as well as expand business into new markets with new partners. Recognized for building productive teams and cultivating positive relationships and lucrative strategic alliances.

Elaine Healy

Co-CEO, Co-Founder

Having spent nearly 20 years as a private equity manager and venture capitalist, Elaine has invested more than $200 million in a wide variety of companies as lead investor and served as a director for many portfolio companies.  This experience has provided Elaine the opportunity to participate in the development and growth of entrepreneurial companies and serves as the cornerstone for her own success as an entrepreneur beginning in 2001.

Ian Watson

Ian Watson

Director of Operations

jason claybrook

Jason Claybrook

Head of Sales and Marketing

Jason Claybrook brings more than 23 years of technology experience in sales, marketing, business development and operations. Most recently, Jason has been responsible for developing go-to-market strategies and programs for Samsung Networks in North America focused on both licensed and unlicensed wireless solutions.

Before joining Samsung, Jason was co-owner of an independent digital marketing firm, Method 828, where he created a more nimble approach serving small- and medium-size businesses, as well as non-profits. Jason also served as Vice President of Business Development at Force10 Networks (previously Carrier Access) where he was responsible for leading long-term global sales efforts and OEM partnerships with national and regional companies. While at Force10 Networks, Jason was instrumental in driving a global OEM partnership with Ericsson and other strategic alliances to develop and deploy mobile back-haul solutions.