you could build a network with 100’s and 1000’s of access points or you could do more with less
Apogee software defined antenna platform

Compelling ROI

One Apogee Antenna can displace up to five (5) access point locations depending on topography resulting in significant CAPEX savings.

Cloud managed and remote management capabilities, greatly reduce and/or eliminate the need for onsite support (truck rolls) resulting in significant OPEX savings.




For every access point installed, there are other capital expenses. Mounting kits, Ethernet, Fiber or mesh uplinks and backhaul. With APOGEE Software Defined Antenna Platform you can reduce the number of AP locations deployed by up to 80% and cover the same area and more without sacrificing associations, capacity and throughput.


Labor costs to make changes to a dynamically changing RF environment can cost up to $500 per hour in some places (In the example above we use $250 burdened labor costs). “Rolling a Truck” for a skilled technician to change AP locations, steer antenna’s to reduce coverage holes or even add access points to an existing network is expensive.

With APOGEE by Aura Wireless you can direct coverage in 90, 180, 270 and 360 degree sectors all from Aura Cloud, our cloud based antenna management platform. Each antenna has a unique IP Address to allow for remote configuration, firmware updates and monitoring of the RF environment.

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