Apogee Manager (pat.) is a secure cloud-based management platform designed, built and operated by Aura. Using AES 256-bit encryption Apogee manager establishes encrypted tunnels enabling users to define antenna type, configure and manage one or more Apogee (pat.) antennas. Once connected to an Apogee, Apogee Manager enables the following tasks:

  • Define antenna type. 90°, 180°. 270° directional or omni – directional without reducing passive or amplified gain.
  • During the installation process Apogee Manager (pat.) will provide direction for orienting an Apogee antenna to true north. After aligning to true north Apogee Manager will calculate and report tilt for each quadrant. Determining true north and tilt improves accuracy and eliminates the trial and error approach greatly accelerating the installation process resulting in lower labor costs.
  • Using common compass headings you define the coverage area(s) desired and Apogee Manager (pat.) determines which of the four quadrants should be configured.
  • After Apogee (pat.) selects the appropriate quadrants your configuration options for each quadrant include:
    • The number of RF ports to be assigned
    • Band selection (2.4GHz, 5GHz or dual band)
    • Vertical, Horizontal or Foliage Mode
  • Foliage Mode (pat.) creates a hybrid antenna pattern to better propagate through foliage.
  • Apogee Manager (pat.) provides a dashboard showing all Apogee’s (pat.) in your inventory by serial number and MAC address, the street address of each Apogee and its current status, (e.g. powered or not powered). The saved configuration for each Apogee can be easily viewed.