About Aura Wireless

Intelligent Use of License-free Spectrum

Aura was founded to help people stay connected everywhere in a cost effective manner. The growth in IP traffic, streaming applications in particular, is out of phase with the cost and availability of legacy cellular networks. We believe that our technology platform, Apogee™, is an important foundation for the intelligent use of license-free spectrum in the deployment of 5G networks.

Whether you build wireless networks for others or manage your own wireless enterprise network, Aura Wireless helps you cover more area, devices and people efficiently and effectively.

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Why Apogee™ ?

Software Defined Antenna

Apogee Manager Cloud enables you to remotely configure Apogee to be the antenna type you need: omni, directional, multi-directional, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint. Each quadrant can be configured independently for single or dual band, single or dual polarization, and Foliage Mode designed to improve propagation through trees and shrubs.

24db of Receive Gain

The most common limiting factor impacting the range of an AP is its ability to process weak signals coming from client devices. Apogee™ amplifies incoming signals from client devices by up to 15db mitigating their severe transmit limitation. When added to Apogee’s 9db of passive gain, the Apogee™ antenna delivers an unprecedented 24db of receive gain representing approximately a 1,000% improvement.

9db of Transmit Gain

Comprised of 40 antennas divided into four 90-degree quadrants, smart switching and firmware enable the four quadrants to be activated independently or in conjunction with any other quadrant enabling each quadrant to generate up to 9db of passive transmit/receive gain.

Max MIMO and Optimal S/N ratio

Equipped with steep active filters that can be enabled/disabled through the Apogee™ Cloud, Apogee™ filters up to 99% of harmful noise which is the most detrimental impediment to wireless operation in license-free bands. Active filtering combined with up to 9db of passive gain results in a strong “quiet” RF environment further maximizing MIMO and optimizing S/N ratio.

Embedded Tools for Precision Installation

Embedded digital tools determine tilt and magnetic north. This enables an operator to enter the coordinates of the intended coverage area via the Apogee™ cloud. The Apogee™ antenna then activates one or more of the four quadrants with the goal of enhancing MIMO and enabling the AP to manage to the best S/N ratio.

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